March 25, 2023 Gun & Toy Auction



Saturday, March 25, 2023, at 9:30 A.M.

Old High School Gym (W. Lower St., Abingdon, IL)



GUNS/BOWS: KK 12 ga; Excel 12 ga; Ray State 410; Stevens double barrel 12 ga; H&R single shot 410 ga; CVA; 50 Cal black powder muzzle loader; Davis double barrel Derringer 38 Cal; Davis double barrel; Derringer 22 magnum; Pellet rifle w/ scope; Pellet rifle; 22 LR Marlin w/ Tasco scope; Ruger; Mark III 22 LR; Hi-point model C9; Lakeside double barrel; Stevens 22 pump; Colt 45 revolver; Topper M48 12 ga single; Mossberg 12ga pump; Winchester 12ga model 120 12 ga pump; Ruger 9mm semi auto; Henry double barrel 12 ga; Winchester 45 long colt model 94 ae; Hawken 50 Cal black powder muzzle loader; Winchester model 9422 lever action w/ Simmons scope; Ruger 357 magnum black hawk; Henry 22 lever action brass; Remington Marlin 35 ga; Mossberg model 1830B 410 bolt; LC Smith double barrel 12 ga (broken butt stock); Belgium twist double barrel 12ga (missing forearm); Gordan gun double barrel 12 ga; Belgian 30 Cal young lion; Navy Arms black powder 12 ga; Ruger 223; 9MM model 213; Daisy BB/Pellet gun; Crossman BB gun; Ithaca lever action 22 single shot; Sears & Roebuck Eastern Arms double barrel 12 ga; High Standard Model K200 20 ga; Mossberg Model 185 K-B 20 ga; Mossberg Model 151M 22 ga; Optima Elite 223 2 barrel; Sheridan Pellet rifle; American Gun Co 12 ga; Seminole 12 ga; Knight 50 Cal black powder w/ scope; 12 ga. Single barrel new white powder wander; Remington model 11-48 410 ga semi-auto; Bryco Jennings 9mm; Heritage; Rough Rider 22 combo; Cobra 32 Derringer; SCCY 9mm; Hi Point 9mm; Colt 25 Auto Factory Nickel ; Colt 25 Auto Blue/Holster; Bauer 25 Auto In Box Extra Mag; North Am Arms 22 Mini With; Laser Sight; Astra 22 Auto/ Holster; Colt Mod 08 25 Auto/ Holster; Walther Model 8 25 Auto/Holster; High Standard Derringer 22Lr/ Holster; Misc. 25 Auto Ammo; Smith & Wesson  K Model 18/ 22Lr; 2 adult bows; 1 youth bow; Velocity crossbow.

LARGE AMOUNT OF AMMO INCLUDING: 9MM Remington; 9MM ammo; 223 brown bear; other assorted ammo.

GUN ACCESSORIES/MISC. HUNTING: Gun safe; crossbow arrows; 5 scopes; many collector knives and swords; other misc. accessories; taxidermy deer heads; coyote head; double bull blind; deer decoy; several arrows; electronic game caller; target; arrowheads; assorted game calls; sheds; gun display case; binoculars; other misc. accessories.

FIREARM TERMS OF SALE: A licensed firearm dealer will facilitate the transfer of all firearms sold in this auction. You must have a valid FOID card to purchase a firearm. You will be subject to any transfer fees, pickup waiting periods, paperwork requirements, applicable laws, and any other conditions set forth by the dealer. The dealer has final discretion on the transfer of firearms. Boyer’s Auction Service has no control over and assumes no liability for the transfer process.

TOYS/COLLECTIBLES: Oliver combine toy; AC tractor toy; plastic baseball carts; plastic football helmets; coffee can full of change; stuffed animals; VHS tapes; Aurora classic models; Talking Casper w/ box; children’s books; Hallmark ornaments; classic puzzle and board games; McDonald’s happy meal toys; Walt Disney and other classic glasses; Hot Wheels; movie posters; action figures; comic books; valentines in boxes; The Hardy Boys book series; Dark Shadow models; Star Wars; Marvel figurines; Justice League figurines; Aladdin figurines; Looney Tunes; vintage view masters; 2 record players; 4 VCRs; Lil Abner books; 70s Happy Joe Kids Ferris wheel; Farmer Boy pedal tractor; John Deere pedal tractor 4440 w/ cart; football helmets.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Guns will sell first at 9:30 A.M. Guns WILL NOT be available to preview in person until Saturday morning.

SELLERS: Multiple Owners

Auctioneer Dan Boyer–License No. 440000668–Mobile: 309/252-1193

Auctioneer Albert Vaughn–License No. 440000544

TERMS: Food stand; restroom; Not Responsible for accidents, theft, vandalism, errors, or omissions. Announcements made day of auction take precedence over previous material whether printed, electronic, or oral. PAYMENT: Cash or approved check, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover payable on day of sale.