May 11, 2024 Gun Auction




Saturday, May 11, 2024, at 9:00 A.M.

Old High School Gym (W. Lower St., Abingdon, IL)


GUNS (SELL FIRST AT 9:00 A.M.): Browning B2000 12-ga; Springfield 1903 30-06 rifle; Remington Sportsman 12-ga; Beretta A303 12-ga; Ruger Wrangler 22; Browning Buckmark 22; Reck 22 revolver; Benelli Nova pump 12-ga; Charles Hellis 12-ga side-by-side shotgun; Carles Daly Luxe 12-ga; 6 Force 28-ga over/under shotgun (new in box); Mossberg 20-ga; Mossberg Model 695 12-ga w/ scope; Harrington Richardson Topper M48; Remington Model 660 6mm w/ scope; Bearcat 22 short long and long rifle; Winchester Model 74 22 long rifle; Beretta Model A 303 12-ga; Daisy Pellet Gun; Le Basque 7.65 Cal pistol; Winchester (wrapped, model pending); Weatherby Orion 20-ga; Tristar Arms Upland Hunters 12-ga double barrel; Browning X-Bolt Synthetic Gray Hunter 7mm bolt action; Henry Model H002VWPF .22 single shot rifle; Howa HGR72533 6.5MM Creedmoor bolt action rifle; Howa Model 1500 .308 bolt action rifle; Kel Tec .22 semi-auto handgun; Ruger Wrangler .22, 6-shooter handgun; Kimber Custom Hunter 6.5mm Creedmoor bolt action rifle; New England Firearms Tracker II Plus 12 ga w/ scope; Mercury Magnum 10-ga double barrel; Browning Gold Hunter 3-1/2″; Winchester Model 1300 12-ga; Remington Model 572 .22; Browning .22 Long Rifle; H&R Sportsman 22 LR Model 999; Beretta U22 w/ red dot scope, case, 4 clips; S&W Model 22A-1 w/ extra clips; Remington Model 1100LW 12-ga; Remington Model 870 2-barrel 12-ga; Winchester Model 12 12-ga; Harrington Richardson 20-ga topper; Henry 17-cal HMR Model A00ITV w/ scope; ER Amantino 410.

AMMO/ACCESSORIES: Assorted boxes of ammo and firearm accessories.

ABINGDON POTTERY: 39; 101; 117; 117; 126; 339; 360; 377; 399; 471; 483; 509; 518; 518; 525; 534; 537; 553; 559; 562; 567; 567; 569; 570; 571; 574; 575; 575; 588; 602; 616; 658; 662; 668; 675; 685; 715; 715; 716; assorted pottery molds.

TOYS/COLLECTIBLES/MISC: Ford, Allis-Chalmers, JD toy tractors; Kent Feeds; Pepsi; Budweiser holiday; 15-years of Playboy magazines; beer signs.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Sale is MUCH larger than ad appears. Please view photos for a closer look at this sale. Please note the early start time of 9:00 A.M. Guns will sell first.

Auctioneer Dan Boyer–License No. 440000668–Mobile: 309/252-1193

Auctioneer Albert Vaughn–License No. 440000544

FIREARM TERMS OF SALE: A licensed firearm dealer will facilitate the transfer of all firearms sold in this auction. You must have a valid FOID card to purchase a firearm. You will be subject to any transfer fees, pickup waiting periods, paperwork requirements, applicable laws, and any other conditions set forth by the dealer. The dealer has final discretion on the transfer of firearms. Boyer’s Auction Service has no control over and assumes no liability for the transfer process. TERMS: Food stand; Restroom; Not Responsible for accidents, theft, vandalism, errors, or omissions. Announcements made day of auction take precedence over previous material whether printed, electronic, or oral. PAYMENT: Cash or approved check, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover payable on day of sale.