September 19, 2020 MASSIVE Gun – Ammo – Fishing – Hunting – Outdoor – Collectibles Auction


Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 9:30 A.M.

Sale to be held in the Old High School Gym in Abingdon, IL (W. Lower Street)


GUNS: (2) New England Arms w/ scope (17 cal.); (2) New England Arms w/ scope (17 cal.); (2); New England Arms w/ scope (17 cal.); New England Arms w/ scope (23 cal.) 22 Hornet; New England (no scope); 223 Cal. New England w/ scope; Remington 3006 w/ scope; New England w/ scope (17. Cal); Remington 870 Express Magnum (double barrel); Ithaca M66 (20 ga.); New England 4570 single shot’ 410; Harrison Richardson (12 ga.); 12 ga. Auto; Winchester (16 ga.); BERSA 380; Taurus 380; Titan (25 cal.); Hopkins and Allen 22; Colt 22; Beretta 22; Phoenix Arms 22; Remington 870 automatic rifle w/ slug barrel and 28” ventilated rib barrel; Model 97 (12 ga.); Browning 22

SKS 7.62×39 Rifle; H & R Arms 22; Smith & Wesson 38 cal.; Ruger super Blackhawk 44 magnum caliber, 6-shot revolver; Gecado 22 long rifle caliber revolver 6-shot (made in Germany); Remington M 552, 22; Sheridan pellets; pellet; Bridge (12 ga.); Western Field (410 ga.); Remington bolt 22; Mossberg 12 ga.; Remington 870 (12ga.); Remington 760 243; Marlin 883 (22 mag); Marlin 22; Springfield 667F (12 ga.); Dan Wesson Mag 357; Heritage Mag 22; Ruger 9mm.

GUN ACCESSORIES/AMMUNITION/BOWS: Ammo boxes; electric tumbler; spotting scope; assorted game calls; (8) scopes; compact binoculars; assorted shotgun and riffle ammo;  (3) loading presses; carbide; (2) multi-season pop-up blinds; (8) adult compound bows; (7) bow cases; (3) recurve bows; (2) kids bows; arrows; materials to make arrows; (2) ladder tree stands; bow targets; turkey decoys.

FISHING: Arrows and bow for fishing; live traps; lures; reels; ropes; strings; minnow buckets; tackle boxes (around 30); sinker makers; (2) trolling motors; dip-nets; minnow nets; large amount of miscellaneous fishing equipment not listed.

KNIVES: Combat sword; scabbard and knife; (3) new tactical scabbard; zombie rapier; White Tail cutlery; Muela (new in box); several electric knife sharpeners; electric knives; large number of miscellaneous knives not listed.

CAMPING/MISCELLANEOUS OUTDOOR: Sleeping bags; (2) GPS; tents; chairs; (5) Coleman lanterns; (2) Coleman heaters; coolers; several cooking stoves; hats; coats; gloves; socks; rain jackets; pants; lanterns; insulated containers; backpacks.

TOYS/COLLECTIBLES: Model collector cars including National Motor Museum (mint condition), 1910 Ford Model T, 1935 Duesenberg SSJ, several others; Butler Mfg. memorabilia including miniature electric outbound motors (Buccaneer, Johnson, Evinrude), Butler no loot time keyring, Butler 100 year coasters, several other collectible items.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Guns and ammunition to sell at noon. Sale is larger than ad appears.

OWNERS: Gerald Pica and Others

Auctioneer Dan Boyer—License No. 440000668— Mobile: 309/252-1193

Auctioneer Albert Vaughn—License No. 440000544

TERMS: Food Stand, Restroom; Not Responsible for Accidents, theft, vandalism, errors, or omissions. Announcements made day of auction take precedence over previous material, printed or oral. No firearms will be released to any person who does not present a valid FOID card (subject to electronic validation). Standard waiting periods and transfer fees will apply to all firearm transfers. Due to the COVID-19 state mask mandate, masks must be worn when social distancing measures cannot be maintained. PAYMENT: Cash, approved check, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover payable on the day of the Auction.

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